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Okay, thinking of ending my writing drought. Which script should I do? 

8 deviants said Batman
5 deviants said Superboy
5 deviants said Indie (state which one in comments)



On the 2nd night: FUTURES' END Vol 1

On the third night...well day...thanks to some money from my aunt, I got:

-The 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth


-Superman Unchained: Deluxe Edition

The Batmobile roars into the Batcave and parks on a dime. Batman gets out. He turns out the sound of cursing.

Joseph: (off panel) Damn it. Gotta try again.

Batman follows this. He sees Joseph, three months after Jason Todd nearly killed him, working on a device. Joseph is sitting in a wheelchair, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. His hands are shaking as he works.

Joseph: Okay, breathe...keep it steady.

Batman: Joseph, what are you doing?

Joseph: Occupational therapy, trying to keep the skills intact.

Batman: Dr. Kinsolving said you weren't ready for OT, you've barely started your rehabilitation.

Joseph: Well, I'd prefer to not become rusty because I'm stuck in a damn wheelchair.

Sparks fly and Joseph yanks his hand back.

Joseph: $%^&

Batman: Joseph, it's not just your muscle memory you need to recover, it's your nervous system. When Jason damaged your spine--

Joseph: I know, he set my entire nervous system out of wack, hence why I'm having my mobility issues. I'm told this multiple times a day.

Joseph throws the device across the platform he was working on in a rage.

Batman: I'll get Alfred to take you upstairs.

Joseph: I can get to the elevator on my own.

Batman: You need---

Joseph: God damn it Bruce! It's bad enough I'm pitied by everyone else I come in contact into these days, I don't need you pitying me too. In fact, I don't want any at all.

There is a tense silence.

Batman: I know this is hard for you--

Joseph: Bruce, stuff it. When Bane broke your back, you may have done the whole "woe is me" routine, but Alfred, Tim, and Dick didn't pity you. It's bad enough I'm told by my doctors to rest, it's worse when my own little brother thinks he should grab things for me when I'm perfectly capable of grabbing things off shelves; thank you chair raising tech! I hate being pitied, I had 13 goddamn years of my life of non stop pity and I hated it then too.

Batman: What do you want me to do then, Joseph? What do you want?

Joseph: What do I want? I want a lot of things. An unabridged Gutenberg Bible. Props from my favorite movies. Front row tickets to a show. To be a hero again. Jason Todd's head on a pike. But what I want most, Bruce, is not to be pitied like I'm some pathetic helpless cripple. I may be crippled, but I'm not helpless.

Joseph wheels off in a huff. When the elevator opens, Alfred is there. He has a bunch of folders under his arm.

Alfred: Ah, Master Joseph. Care for me to take you up?

Joseph: No, thank you, I can do it myself.

Alfred steps out. Joseph gets in the elevator, slams it shut, and heads up.

Alfred: He seems rather testy today, remind you of someone, Master Bruce?

Batman: He doesn't like being pitied.

Alfred: I've noticed. He may accept a helping hand, but he doesn't like to be treated as if he's helpless.

Batman: Are those the reports from Shondra and Leslie?

Alfred opens them

Alfred: Indeed. The bones seem to have healed up nicely, but he is still having trouble breathing at night. Also, his rehabilitation seems to be going slowly as he needs frequent rests. He wouldn't need them if he took the painkillers, but given his emotional state early on, he might be right in not taking them. But they do have one interesting note: recent tests show the damage to his spine might not have been as bad as feared.

Batman: So he can walk once he's healed?

Alfred: They aren't that certain, yet, but it does mean that he could, in time, not need the wheelchair. He might need a cane or crutches for the rest of his life.

Batman: Hrmm.

Alfred: Sir?

Batman: I was wondering, should we teach Joseph how to defend himself while in that chair?

Alfred: Sir, if I may, he's barely recovered as it is and physical therapy drains him. What could happen if--

Batman: He says he doesn't want pity. *turns* If anything, it will keep his mind off things and might actually improve his mood.

Alfred: Well, that is considerate of you.

Batman: I won't hold back.

Alfred: I don't expect you too. Shall I inform Master Joseph of this?

Batman: Yes, and I will want to look at his PT regimen.....

Alfred: Very good sir.

Batman: *narrating* So, you don't want pity, Joseph? Good. However, don't expect any mercy from me in regards to these lessons...and I think it's time to increase the difficulty of your therapy....
Drabble: No More Pity
Just a drabble on something I thought up one night. This takes place around three months after Jason Todd nearly killed Joseph.


Joseph Kane belongs to me

Batman, etc, belongs to DC Comics
Okay, so today was the yearly ritual of my aunt, my mom, and my sister go to the Christmas Market in Union Square. I joined them for lunch, as usual. My cousin and her friend also joined us. After lunch, I went to The Strand Bookstore and got the 25th Anniversary Edition of Arkham Asylum by Morrison and Superman Unchained by Snyder/Lee. They will be photographed along with what I got for the second night tomorrow.

I had something to do after that, but met up with them for dinner. Our original planned restaurant was so crowded we couldn't even get in the door (private function it seems), so we went elsewhere.

However, going mom, sister and I were on a very crowded train. When we got to Dekalb, we found out that Qs were not running past that stop in Brooklyn because someone got hit by a train on Avenue M. So we had to get out and get a taxi...something easier said than done in the outer boroughs, even with the new rules.

My legs, arms and back hurt, and I'm tired. But I got plenty of good reading material :)
On the 2nd night: FUTURES' END Vol 1

On the third night...well day...thanks to some money from my aunt, I got:

-The 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth


-Superman Unchained: Deluxe Edition


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