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November 4, 2013
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Two heavily armed men, likely mercs, drag three young men by ropes. The young men are dressed in costume, we can see it's Red Robin, Superboy, and Kid Flash. The mercs throw the three teenagers into a cell and slam the door.

Superboy: Great going, oh fearless leader; instead of rescuing our target, we got captured.

Red Robin: Hey, how was I supposed to know they'd be wearing anti-meta armor!?

Kid Flash: Where are we anyways? I can't see with this hood in my face.

Voice: Well, for starters, you are in the deceptively-disguised-as-a-warship superyacht SS Ceres; it's really the NNSS Fuhrer.

Red Robin: Doctor Kane? Is that you?

The hoods come off, and they are held in the hand of Joseph Kane. His suit has some tears and he has a few minor injuries.

Joseph: Let me guess, Batman saw you were in the area and thought a small strike team would save my kosher bacon.

The teens remove their ropes.

Kid Flash: Pretty much, yeah. Who is this guy who kidnapped you, and what's NNSS

Joseph: "Neo Nazi State Ship". Mr. Jack Kroeger, founder of Kroeger ArmsTech, is secretly a contributor to hate groups and right wing domestic terrorists. Batman was investigating a rise in hate crimes and found Kroeger weapons were being used by these thugs, weapons made off the books. So, he had Kroeger come by, the idea being that a joint project in developing non lethal weapons would interest Kroeger. Meanwhile, Batman dug into Kroeger's life; the guy is running a Nazi cult, with himself as the Leader. Oh, and did I mention the guy is the son of that old WWII menace, Captain Nazi?

Superboy: No. And I don't really care, right now we need to get out of here!

Superboy charges at the big iron door, only to be bounced back.

Superboy: What the....

Kid Flash: Let me try vibrating through--

Joseph: Kid Flash, wait!

Too late, Kid Flash is sent flying backwards.

Red Robin: Let me guess, there is a device in the door and walls to prevent metas from escaping easily.

Joseph: Yep.

He helps Kid Flash, who was vomiting, up

Kid Flash: So, how did you get involved in this?

Joseph: While Bruce was fighting the Nazi cultists, I was going over Kroeger ArmsTech's books, as well as hacking into Kroeger's private files here on the SS Hate Crime. Got enough dirt on him and Bruce did this whole press conference denouncing him; sent shockwaves up and down the business world. Surprised you didn't hear.

Red Robin: We've been busy.

Joseph: Where's the rest of your team?

Red Robin: Probably looking for us, or dealing with the various gangs out there.

Superboy: Kroeger has started a war for Gotham. Is that why you got captured?

Joseph: Pretty much, normally these guys would blame the closest Jew anyways.

Red Robin: We got to get out of here. *takes out lock picks* You guys rest, I'll work on this lock.

Joseph: You're going to be wasting your time, I've been trying to pick it for the past few hours.

Red Robin: In all fairness, Joseph, given how many times you've been captured working for Bruce, you don't have the skills I do.

Joseph: Suit yourself.

Time passes, Joseph sits with his eyes closed. Kid Flash dashes about the cell in impatience, Superboy holds a small flashlight for Red Robin.

Red Robin: Why isn't this working?

Joseph: Trouble?

Red Robin: It's a tough lock.

Joseph: Seriously biting back a told you so.

Red Robin: What are you doing to help? All you've been doing is sitting here.

Joseph: Just doing what the guy in the mask tells me to do, as usual.

Superboy: What are you doing with your eyes closed, Doctor?

Joseph: Escaping.

Kid Flash: Escaping? Unless you got a teleportation power--

Superboy: Which would be useless in here.

Kid Flash: --You're not getting us out of here just by sitting.

Joseph: What I'm doing is an old Kane family tradition.

Superboy: Escaping while sitting and doing nothing?

Joseph: Oh, I'm thinking.

Kid Flash: What do you mean by "family tradition".

Joseph: It's a long story.

Superboy: We're too old for that.

Kid Flash: Maybe RR is, but you're old enough to be in diapers, Kon. So, Doc, what's this tale.

As Joseph tells it, we see sepia images from the tale unfold.

Joseph: *narrating* It begins on Ellis Island towards the beginning of the 20th Century. My great grandfather arrives in America as a child with his brother and sister-in-law; refugees from a pogram that destroyed their home and much of their family in Czarist Russia. What's worse, my great grandfather's brother was drafted into the Czar's army, a certain death sentence for a Jew as they'd be cannon fodder. So, my great great grandfather pulled some strings and managed to smuggle two of his sons, the oldest and the youngest, and his daughter in law out of Russia and to America. There, Alexander Kanislav became Alex Kane, his brother Yitzak became Issac, and Leah remain Leah. They settled in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, filled with tenements, poverty, and many of their fellow immigrants. My uncle Issac was educated, but as he was not proficient in English he could not work what we now call a white collar job, and it didn't help that prejudice against immigrants kept many from decent jobs. He had to become a fruit seller on Delancy Street while his wife Sarah worked in sweatshops. This meant my great grandfather had to learn his education on the streets; signs were his English teachers, the stalls and shops were his math teachers, exploring New York his geography, and running from and fighting gangs of boys was his PE class. But his favorite activity was sitting on the fire escape of the tenement on Orchard Street and escaping into his imagination. He dreamed of having a giant house on Fifth Avenue, of his brother being a prosperous merchant who now had people doing the work for him, of his sister-in-law being waited on hand on foot. He dreamed of his entire family being brought from the shtetl to live with them. He dreamed of having a proper education while performing in vaudeville. See, even the mind needs an escape; if you're stuck in reality all the time, in your thoughts, you're stuck in the shtetl. My great grandfather's escape into his imagination kept him sane and with a goal to strive for throughout his childhood. Through the race riots, through the hate, through his brother being nearly killed by the Bowery Boys and forcing my great grandfather to start working in a machinist's shop. He would later buy that shop and turn it into Kane Industries, and my family would help it grow. My great grandfather imparted his escape to my grandfather and my grandfather imparted it to me. Trust me, when you're a sick kid, you need all the escapes you can get until you can physically do so.

Kid Flash: What about your dad?

Joseph: Ashamed to say that he never really cared for that strategy; and he's now stuck in a mental shtetl of his own making.

Red Robin steps back

Red Robin: I don't know how this will help me.

Joseph: Have you tried closing your eyes and looking at the facts at hand. For example, for all his Jew hate, Kroeger chose a Kane Industries Hyperlock version 5.

Red Robin: How can you tell?

Joseph: I designed it. Didn't notice the stamp on it until about hour five in my lock pick attempt. It's practically impossible to pick in a door this size.

Red Robin: But you have a fail safe.

Joseph: The door may be able to negate powers, but the lock isn't.

Red Robin closes his eyes

Joseph: That's right, escape; escape the shtetl of your mind and into a new world.

Red Robin opens his eyes.

Red Robin: Right, Superboy, melt the casing.

Superboy's heat vision melts the casing, they can see multiple moving parts.

Red Robin: So that's why I couldn't pick it, the parts adapt. ...Kid Flash, vibrate them apart.

Kid Flash: On it.

He vibrates fast enough to send the parts flying. Red Robin takes a vial out of his utility belt.

Red Robin: Those idiots must have been really confident we would be locked up in here, didn't even remove my belt.

He pours acid on the rest of the lock and kicks it open. Only one female guard stands between them and freedom. She's wearing a Nazi-esque uniform, has blond hair, and...has huge tracts of land.

Superboy: One guard?

Kid Flash: And she's a Baywatch babe?

Superboy: She's hot, I'll give you that...for a Nazi.

Joseph: Less with the lusting, more with the beating up the Nazi.

Red Robin approaches with handcuffs.

Red Robin: We can make this easy or--

The guard backhands him into a wall.

Guard: I'm no ordinary guard; the Leader has made me even more perfect. You swine are no match for me.

Superboy: Lady, you may have Superstrength, but so do I. And KF can run circles around you.

Kid Flash: I say we beat her in two minutes.

The guard smirks.

Guard: Silly boys.

She contorts and transforms into a werewolf.

Ilsa: Beware Ilsa The She Wolf!

Joseph facepalms

Joseph: Really? They went with that?

Kid Flash and Superboy charges. Superboy is slashed, and actually bleeds, as Kid Flash is knocked into Red Robin, who was about to hit her with his bo staff. She turns and faces Joseph, and growls. Red Robin looks up and sees Joseph is under a steam pipe.

Red Robin: Joseph, the steam pipe!

Joseph: Huh?

Ilsa charges at him.

Joseph: YIPE!

Joseph leaps up and pulls down the steam pipe, blinding Ilsa, who still manages to scratch him, with a bit more damage than she did to Kon.

Red Robin: Battle plan Gamma 4

Superboy tackles Ilsa and holds his breath. Ilsa twists under him as KF runs around her, sucking out the oxygen around her. KF stops, and Red Robin hits her with his bo staff to knock her out. Red Robin tosses restraining ties to Superboy.

Red Robin: Restrain her.

Red Robin runs over to Joseph and applies compression bandages to Joseph.

Red Robin: You okay?

Joseph: A bit better than before, still light headed. *beat, looks down at his suit* And yet another suit to be replaced.

Red Robin: Bruce will get you a new one.

Joseph: I'm surprised I haven't gotten a frequent suits card at this point. By the way, quick thinking. I may be a genius, but you got me beat in the instant tactics department.

Red Robin: Hey, you got me beat usually in the intel department.

Red Robin helps Joseph up.

Red Robin: We should get Batman.

Batman: *off panel* One step ahead of you.

They turn and see Batman and Robin.

Robin: Still alive I see?

Red Robin: Nice to see you too.

Batman: The rest of your team is helping Nightwing and Batgirl and a few others topside, but I'll need you three to help me.

Joseph: What's going on?

Batman: Kroeger kidnapped his grandfather from his nursing home and is planning to become the new Captain Nazi by transferring his grandfather's powers into himself.

Joseph: Surprised the old war criminal is being compliant.

Batman: He's been drugged into a stupor for years. The Justice League and Shazam are also helping to take down Kroeger's metahuman and enhanced soldiers as well. We're planning to meet at the ship's core.

Superboy: Doctor Kane needs...well, a doctor.

Batman: We don't have time, and we can't leave him here. He'll have to keep his head down until we can evac him.

Joseph: Don't worry, for once I'll be glad to just be a spectator. Just rip these Nazis a new one.

The group heads into the belly of the beast.
Red Robin, Superboy, and Kid Flash are captured when trying to save Joseph Kane from a Neo Nazi tycoon. Dr. Kane, not that much older than them, hasn't had much luck escaping except in one way, into his imagination. Will they take his advice and find a way out?

Was inspired to write this after seeing the title of a song from the show Ragtime called "A Shtetl is America". Also, I had the unfortunate luck to run into a member of the KKK on the internet (he was trying to defend something I and most commentators were properly condemning), so I just wanted to see a Nazi beaten up.

Plus I get to mention one of Shazam/Captain Marvel's more infamous baddies.

Joseph's family backstory has only a small detail from my own; my great grandfather Sigmund Kalbanovsky (shortened to Kalban at Ellis Island or wherever he was processed) was drafted into the Czar's army. My great great grandpa, according to family lore, was a university professor in Moscow and managed to call in a few favors to have his son taken to America.

Joseph Kane belongs to me

Red Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, etc belongs to DC Comics
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Rouge-Fox Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student Writer
What a lovely means of escape and yes I enjoy the sentiment of the jews biting back at the nazis, albiet it's in the form of him guiding superheroes but still karma is karma at the end of the day. Good work as always and love the mind escapism...I may have to try it myself.
Dkalban Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks :D
Rouge-Fox Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student Writer
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I really like all the historical/current-events background that you put into your writings. Continue, master!
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You're most welcome!
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