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We continue where we left off; the JL standing over the defeated Suicide Squad, and Batman facing down Hush.

Batman: Hush.

Hush: Surprised to see me?

Batman: Given that you've survived worse "deaths" than just falling into a New York City waterway, no.

Hush: Ah yes, I remembered willl be nice to meet the young doctor again

Batman's eyes narrow

Batman: You won't find him.

Hush: I don't think I have to, he'll make his presence known when they all come gunning for him

Batman's hand clenches

Flash: *whispering* Um, Bats, if you want I could take him for you?

Hush: Do I look like a moron Flash *reveals he's wearing several motion sensitive bombs* To quote Mr.Hammer, can't touch this

Wonder Woman: Seems we're at a standoff.

Green Lantern goes to attack but Aquaman holds him back.

Aquaman: This is for Batman alone, Lantern.

Hush: Yes at least some of you have professional courtesy.

Hush and Batman stare each other down. Hush then pulls out his pistols and starts shooting. Batman dodges and throws a sonic batarang at Hush's motion bombs. The sensors flash and power down. Batman then charges in and punches Hush in the face.

Hush: Well well good to see you are using your head Bruce, but you forget to think like the enemy.

Hush pushes a button and the bombs suddenly start to buzz loudly. The sound brings all present aside from Hush to their knees

Hush: I'll be sure to give the good doctor my regards

He escapes

Batman: Lantern, Flash; look to see if he's still in the area.

Flash/GL: Right.

They head off. Wonder Woman and Aquaman help Batman up.

Wonder Woman: Are you alright.

Batman: I'm fine. *activates comm* Superman, is Joseph on the move?

Superman: *on comm* Him, his brother and his dog. We'll meet up at the rendezvous....

Batman: Shift to site Beta; we got people looking for them.

Superman: Luthor?

Batman: Hush

Superman: I mean Luthor is here!

Batman switches frequencies as Flash and Green Lantern return

Batman: Cyborg, activate a zeta teleport to Superman's location for me and the others.

Nightwing: No sign?

Green Lantern: Nope.

Nightwing: You wouldn't believe the headaches he caused me when I was Batman....

Cyborg: *on comm* Standby, so glad we have these now so we don't have to rely on my boomtubes.

Green Lantern: Come on, what's a little risk of ending up in Apokolips?

Cyborg: *on comm* Very funny. Here you guys go.

The heroes teleport to the location. Meanwhile, Superman is defending Joseph from Luthor, who is wearing his body armor. Joseph himself is protecting Sam and Barkley

Luthor: Hand them over to me, Superman.

Superman: You'd have to kill me first.

Luthor: Oh please, like I care if that happens.

The other heroes exit the teleport as Luthor takes aim. Batman throws a boomerang, knocking Luthor's aim off. Luthor growls and turns to face the other Justice League members.

Batman: I'm surprised a man of your intellect doesn't simply work out the list of identities yourself

Luthor: I'm not above cheating, Batman.

Joseph: Or theft, or murder, or corporate espionage, or......

Batman: As much as we'd love to hear the whole list we are very busy

Luthor: Isn't this unfair? The vast majority of the Justice League versus one man?

Batman: I'm not above cheating either *narrates* Luthor is dangerous and clever, not a good mix. His suit is equipped with Kryptonite and capable of launching ballistic missiles as well as shield capabilities...fortunately, I know where his off switch is.

Wonder Woman and Green Lantern launch at Luthor.

Luthor: When will you fools learn.....

He blasts concussive mini missiles at the two heroes

Batman: *narrating* Phase one of attack, misdirection

Green Lantern projects a green shield blowing away the missiles. Flash rushes forward and starts running around Luthor

Batman: Phase 2, distraction

Luthor tries to land a hit on Flash, but even with enhanced speed and power, Lex can't hit Flash. Flash eludes Luthor and remains on top speed

Flash: Having trouble, Lex?

Batman: *narrating* And finally phrase three

Batman leaps up and lands a knock out blow right on Lex's face. Lex collapses.

Joseph: That was...easy....

Batman: No...his suit will then shock him back to consciousness in two minutes...let's get the hell out of here

There is a flash of light; and the JL and the Kanes and Barkley are gone. Luthor awakes in pain

Luthor: Damn it...*smirks* I'll find them. *activates comm* Mercy, trace that teleport.

Mercy: *on comm* It's encrypted sir

Luthor: Damn. Keep trying. I want that list.

In an undisclosed location the JL, Nightwing, and the Kanes arrive at the safehouse.

Batman: Head count

Flash quickly counts

Flash: We're all here.

Barkley is tossing his dog biscuits into nearby bushes as Sam pets him

Sam: It's okay, Barkley....

Joseph: I'm surprised Sam isn't throwing up either...where are we?

Batman: Look up.

Joseph does, and sees familiar buildings.

Joseph: We're ho--we're back in New York. This is Central Park....

Batman: Correct

Sam: Cool!

Joseph: Please don't tell me the safehouse is with my parents and this is just a rest stop....

Superman: Wouldn't that be a little obvious?

Joseph: Then where....

Batman presses a button and a hidden entrance opens up. A door between two trees leading down into a bunker

Flash: Always keep them somewhere you'll remember

The group enters the bunker, which is comfortable enough a place for Joseph, Sam, and Barkley to hide out for the time being.

Joseph: Well it could be worse.

Nightwing: Jersey?

Joseph: Yep.

Superman: So Batman what's the plan?

Batman: Keep them and the list safe, and stop people from getting their hands on it.

Aquaman: Sounds simple.

Green Lantern: Nothing is that simple.

A growling noise is heard. All turn and see it's Sam's stomach.

Sam: What?

Flash: Well, we're in New

Green Lantern: Pepperoni would be nice

Joseph: Ick, trafe

Green Lantern: Not all of us are Jewish, and you're barely practicing as it is.

Joseph: Look, how about a compromise; Chicken, peppers and mushrooms.

Batman: In the meantime Superman and I will deal with any further info hunters

Joseph: You should leave the flashdrive here.

Batman: I want you to find a way of rendering it inert

Joseph: Inert? I could create a complex password system just to get to it, plus turn off the automatic update.....

Batman: I'm thinking more deadlock seal

Joseph: You mean....

Batman: Have the files converted to ghost data. Create a system where they can only be accessed by something only you know

Joseph: I could try that.

Batman hands him the flashdrive.

Batman: Do it.

Flash: I'll grab the food.

Flash rushes out

Batman and Superman head out the door.

Batman: We'll make sure the trail is cold.

Superman: Save some food for us.

Sam: Let's see if they got food for you, Barkley.

Barkley woofs with a smile. Joseph sits down, obviously exhausted. Nightwing approaches him.

Nightwing: I'm going to go stretch my legs for a while.

Joseph: A patrol in Manhattan?

Nightwing: Yeah, want me to grab you anything while I'm out?

Joseph: I'll be fine. Go on patrol, I'll see you when you get back.

Nightwing nods and leaves. As he does, we can see there are cracks in Joseph's facade. Meanwhile at ARGUS HQ, which also serves as HQ for the JLA, Steve Trevor barges into Amanda Waller's office

Waller: Colonel Trevor, may I help you?

Trevor: What the hell are you thinking?

Waller: I don't have any idea what you're talking about.

Trevor: You just sent the JLA to attack a private citizen!

Waller: True, but he was in possession of some very sensitive information

Trevor: Sensitive information?

Waller: A list of heroic identities.

Trevor: How did you find that out?

Waller: I have my methods.

Trevor: Like bugging his offices without a court order?

Waller: It worked

Trevor: That's illegal.

Waller: Right now, Dr. Kane is in possession of something that could put this nation's security at risk.

Trevor: And you labeled him a spy?

Waller: Enough to keep him on the run, he'll tire out eventually.

Trevor: Damn it, Amanda, this is about you wanting more power and you know it.

Waller: If an increase in my power is in the best interest of this country then so be it

Trevor: You put my people at risk to fulfill your selfish needs. We know this is more than just the list. *leans over the desk* It's because he laughed at your offer to betray those he cares about.

Waller: Get out.

Trevor: Gladly, I have a meeting at the Pentagon anyways.

Trevor stormed out of the room.

Martian Manhunter: (off panel) You are upset, Colonel.

Trevor turns.

Trevor: J'onn, please don't peek into my mind.

J'onn phases in

Martian Manhunter: My apologies, but you are broadcasting your thoughts. And I agree with your concerns.

Trevor: You--you do.

Martian Manhunter: Needless to say, Director Waller's actions were most unethical. And she has a history of similar actions. *beat* The team is in agreement.

Trevor: They are?

Martian Manhunter: But we need to build a case to oust her.

Trevor: Think we can find some dirt we can hand to the DoD?

Martian Manhunter: It will take time, and we need to delay her attempts to find Dr. Kane. In the meanwhile, go to your meeting and gain allies.

Trevor: ...I thought of something...if she catches him and then we save him, then we have evidence on her

Martian Manhunter: Where would she have him kept?

Trevor: Belle Reve.

Martian Manhunter: Hmm...until that scenario occurs, I can try to get the team to get evidence from around ARGUS. But we need to be discreet.

Trevor: Of course, I trust you completely *heads out to DC*

As Steve Trevor approaches the Pentagon...

Voice: Colonel Trevor.

Steve Trevor turns and sees marching up towards him with an energy not seen in men half his age is Bernie Kane.

Trevor: *narrating* Bernie Kane. Founder and Chairman of Kane Industries. Dr. Kane's grandfather. Has golf with the President at least once a month. He's pissed.

Bernie Kane: I want a word with you.

Trevor: I want you to know it wasn't my idea to target your grandson, that was Waller

Bernie Kane: I know that, Colonel; but your JLA attacked him! Now I have to talk to the joint chiefs and who knows who else to get this mess sorted out.

Trevor: Including the President?

Bernie: Especially the President!

Trevor: ...Perhaps I could be of assistance

Bernie Kane: How?

Trevor: Well I think I know what she intends to do

Bernie Kane: Do you have evidence?

Trevor: We should have something soon.

Bernie Kane: Keep looking; until then, I'll put pressure on my contacts.

Trevor: Right

They leave to work their ends. At the safehouse, Flash is arriving with pizza as Joseph works on creating the various new security protocols

Flash: Got it deadlocked yet?

Joseph takes out the flashdrive

Joseph: A few more security protocols and it should be ready.

He leaves the flashdrive on the coffee table

Flash: Pizza?

Joseph: Great! I'm starving. It's been a while since I ate real New York pizza. Best in the world.

Flash hands him the box.

Joseph: Sam, pizza!

Sam walks in with Barkley.

Sam: Barkley, you really were hungry.

Barkley stares at the pizza and whimpers and begs

Joseph: human food!

Sam: We need doggy chow

Joseph: There isn't any?

Sam: Well...not any more...there wasn't much.....

Barkley whines

Joseph: Well, if there is any chicken left...*to Flash* Let's take the food in with the others, come on Sam. Barkley, stay.

Barkley whines

Joseph: We'll try to save you some chicken. *grabs a chew toy out of a box* Here's Squeaky. *squeaks it* He'll keep you occupied for now.

Barkley glumly squeaks "Squeaky" as Joseph and Sam go to eat. In the ersatz dining room, a council of war is being held.

Green Lantern: Batman and Superman are out in patrol, Luthor will no doubt have tracked us here so they intend to stop him...then we have to worry about Hush

Joseph: Hush? You're kidding right?

Flash: No, we saw him in the vault.

Joseph: Impossible.

Wonder Woman: How?

Joseph: He fell into the Gowanus Canal last time I saw him. The water is so polluted from decades of waste that it's been made a Superfund site. Any contact with the water is bad enough, the fact he willingly dove in.....

Aquaman: Thomas Elliot is a worthy adversary to Batman, perhaps more so than the Joker or Ra's Al Ghul

Green Lantern: Regardless he's nothing compared to Waller

Joseph: When I get my hands on her....

A hand made of green energy shoves pizza into Joseph's mouth

Green Lantern: Whoa there, Sparkey; leave her to the pros.

Sam: Hey we deserve a little justified payback

Wonder Woman: The boy is right, it's not enough to stop Waller. We need to bring to light her actions

Flash: ...Maybe we can convince the JLA she's no good

All look at him surprised

Flash: ...What? I can have good ideas too you know

Joseph: That might take too long....

Flash: Well if Trevor is with them he'd be hostile to Waller's persecution of you

Green Lantern: That's a fair point

Aquaman: Especially now.

He hands Joseph a newspaper. Joseph quickly reads it and is enraged

Joseph: That--That---She's labeled me a spy!

Flash: And not the good Daniel Craig kind

Joseph: She used her official capacity as head of ARGUS to do so; only silver lining is that the Pentagon disavows her claim as she doesn't have much proof. Until then though, I got a giant target on my back.

Green Lantern: Good thing were looking after you

Joseph: *dryly* Yes....

Flash: What?

Joseph: Nothing. *eats*

Flash: Come on

Joseph: Look, I'm stressed out, so forgive me if I seem a bit...grumpy

Wonder Woman: We understand your are very much a victim here, you were only trying to help and this woman is using that against you.

Joseph: Let's hope we stop her sooner, rather than later

Barkley wanders in looking a little sick as well as hungry. He flops next to Green Lantern and whines/begs.

Flash: Awww, poor thing must have eaten some bad chicken

Joseph: There wasn't any chicken back there...wait a minute...oh crap!

Joseph rushes out of the room and sees the flash drive is gone. Next to where it was is "Squeaky", and where it was is drool. He heads back into the dining room, grabs Barkley by the snout and looks in his eyes.

Joseph: Barkley, did you eat the flashdrive?

Barkley's guilty look says it all.

Green Lantern: ...The dog ate the flashdrive?

Joseph: Yep

Barkley whines in pain. Joseph pets him

Joseph: And I can't take him to a vet, not with this mess happening.

Aquaman: Can we do anything?

Joseph: Only thing we can do is let it exit the natural way....

Flash: Oh you can't be serious

Joseph: I am.

Sam: Ewww.....

Flash: Oh great

Joseph: And given your job as a "civie", you'll be the one combing the...leavings

Flash: ...Isn't this a job for Superman?

Green Lantern: *creating a glowing green pooper scooper* Do it

Barkley whimpers in pain. Meanwhile Batman was watching from the wings of a skyscraper waiting for Luthor to make his appearance. Superman hovers nearby in the shadows. Luthor strides into the atrium, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.

Superman: What are the odds that case is his techno-suit?

Batman: A bit too theatrical wouldn't you say?

Superman scans it

Superman: It's money.

Batman: He's here to make a deal.

Superman: Think he traced the teleport?

Batman: I wouldn't put it past him.

Superman: Think we can nab him for something?

Batman: That would be nice

Luthor waits quietly for a few minutes. Then footsteps are heard.

Luthor: You're late.

Hush walks into the light

Hush: I need to take less traditional methods of travel...

Superman and Batman reveal themselves

Superman: You and Elliot?

Luthor: Of course, we're of a similar mindset

Batman: You won't find Doctor Kane, Luthor; even with Hush's help

Hush: You're quite right of course

Luthor: What?!

Hush: But you can't say the same for Waller can you?

Batman: I really don't like that woman.

Superman: You and me both

Luthor: Yes I share your disdain but she does serve a purpose, tell you what, if you leave now I'll be sure to kill her so as to take her off all our hands

Batman: *smirks, reveals tape recorder* Conspiracy to commit murder and allegiance with a known criminal

Luthor: ...I hate you

Hush draws his gun

Hush: May I?

Luthor: I insist

Batman: Not very sporting is it Hush

Hush: No, but I only intend to hurt *fires but no bullets come out*

Superman: *has them in his hand* Looking for these?

Hush: ...Luthor shall we just kill them both?

Luthor: Indeed

Luthor takes out a Kryptonite gun. Suddenly it is whipped out of his hands

Luthor: What the-?

Catwoman saunters in

Catwoman: Is this enjoyable for you? Do you get a kick out of playing with these freaky guys with bandages and bald heads?

Batman: Not particularly

Catwoman: Oh good I was worried for a moment

Hush: What the hell is going on?!

Catwoman: Why, we're here to clarify a few facts and then kick someone's ass

Luthor: ...We?

Martian Manhunter rises through the floor, Green Arrow and Katana step out of the shadows, Vibe and Stargirl enter from rooms off the Atrium. The elevator descends and Steve Trevor and Hawkman get off.

Batman: *to Catwoman* You brought the entire JLA?

Catwoman: Almost, our GL is still offworld

Superman: Trevor...

Trevor: Is Kane safe?

Batman: At the moment

Catwoman: And that little list of his...are you on it

Batman: Of course

Trevor: What was the purpose of it?

Batman: Protection

Hawkman: For him?

Batman: For us, for our families

Hush: Oh I think I'm gonna cry

Green Arrow: Don't make me put this arrow through your vocal chords

Hush: You don't have the balls

Trevor: He might not, but Hawkman would gladly club you to death

Catwoman: Don't know about you but I think I know whose ass I'm kicking

Green Arrow: Is there a doctor in the house?

Hush: Yes, me as it happens

He goes to punch Green Arrow but Batman blocks it and knocks him back.

Hush: So be it!

He attacks Batman

Green Arrow fires but Hush catches it and throws it back, Lex uses this opportunity to suit up. Lex uses a device to spread armor over him and he fires at Superman. Green Arrow fires arrows at Hush as Catwoman springs at him

Catwoman: This is for tearing out my heart, bastard!

Martian Manhunter phases as Lex fires a blast at him. Stargirl blast Lex back with her Cosmic Rod. Steve Trevor lays down suppressive fire as Superman goes toe to toe with Lex, with Hawkman assisting with his mace. Vibe uses his power to make the ground under Lex's feet unsteady. Hush blocks the arrow and knocks down Green Arrow, Batman catches his fist and twists his arm and lays heavy punches to Hush's ribs.

Hush: Gonna kill me this time?

Batman: No...just hurt you a lot

Batman kicks Hush's leg out and throws him down to the ground and turns to face Lex. Luthor aims his blaster at Batman. Batman throws a sonic batarang into Lex's blaster, frazzling its circuits and then he places an explosive batarang into Lex's armor's chest and surprises them all when he yanks Luthor out of his suit by the scruff and holds him high.

Batman: You lose.

Vibe: I could have just vibrated his suit until it fell apart....

Batman: But you didn't

Luthor: You can't do this

Batman: Just did

Batman drags him to the window and punches Luthor through while still holding him by the scruff. Everyone winces and then turns their attention to Hush.

Hush: Relax Luthor, he won't kill you...I think

Batman: Catwoman...please shut him up

Catwoman: Gladly

She pounces and knocks him clean upside the head. Hush goes down. Arrow turns to Trevor

Arrow: Why did we come as backup again?

Luthor: You're not going to kill me, I know your type

Batman: Maybe, but you don't know me

Batman drops Luthor. Luthor falls screaming and Superman rushes to rescue him.

Batman: *narrating* Thankfully, we both know how Superman would act.

Batman: *narrating* Of course you can't rely on him to stop me breaking every bone in your body


Batman looms over him.

Superman: Now, Batman

Batman pulls out his green K ring and Superman backs down

Luthor: *horrified* Where did you get that?!

Batman: Doesn't matter *punches Luthor in the chest*

Arrow puts his hand on Batman's shoulder

Green Arrow: Have you lost your mind?!

Batman: *pushes him away* I am merely cementing a message

Luthor: I know you won't kill me!

Batman: *narrating* Death is a good long term threat indeed but it doesn't cover the short term, a man can only take so much pain...and fear

He breaks one of Luthor's ribs. Luthor screams

Superman: *narrating* No, Bruce, don't become like him.

Meanwhile, Catwoman has wrapped up Hush.

Luthor: You're insane!!

Batman: How rude *drags him closer to the window*

Luthor: No!! No, okay okay you win! I give up

Batman: Good boy

Superman: *narrating* Heh, Luthor doesn't know Batman like I do. *frowns* Still that was too close.

Trevor cuffs Luthor

Trevor: Alexander Luthor, you're under arrest for theft, attempted murder, and endangering lives.

Luthor: I'd be out in two hours, Colonel; think Dr. Kane will last that long with Waller's other dogs out there?

Batman: *glares at Luthor* Cross Kane again...and I will come after you

Luthor: ...That said I could use some breathing space

Trevor: ...Can we have you on our team?

Superman: No

Batman: I prefer the teams I'm on. And I've already been on one team that was overseen by a government type agency....

Stargirl: What do we do about him? *points to Hush*

Batman: He's my responsibility

Hush: I feel all warm and tingly....

Batman: I'm not above electrocuting you, Tommy

Hush: ...Have I pissed you off or have you just had a bad day?

Trevor's comm goes off.

Trevor: Trevor here.

In a helicopter over NYC, Waller is on the other end.

Waller: What are you doing in New York?

Trevor: *on comm* Following a few leads.

Waller: Well reports are coming in that Kane is back in his hometown. He was sighted by an ARGUS agent a couple of hours ago in Central Park before vanishing.

Trevor: *on comm* Amanda, can't you just leave him alone and apologize?

Waller: Right now, I got the DoD breathing down my neck thanks to his grandfather. I want that list!

Hush: He's in Central Park...thanks for that *gets to his feet and jumps out the window*

Catwoman looks out the window


Batman and Superman look at each other and head off.

Trevor: We'll be right behind you!...ish

Green Arrow: We'll try to head Waller off. Hawkman, Vibe, Stargirl; you're with me. J'onn, take Catwoman and Katana

Martian Manhunter: Of course.

Trevor: And I'll keep playing politico with the Pentagon and Mr. Kane

Meanwhile back at the safe house the Suicide Squad have found the heroes. Harley Quinn breaks down the door with her hammer.


Wonder Woman punches Harley away. Joseph and Sam dash into a deeper part of the safe house. Flash charges into more of the Squad as GL holds them back with his ring. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are on the front lines.

Green Lantern: You will not harm the boy!

Harley: We don't want the boy, we want the doctor!

Joseph and Sam are gathering as much stuff as they can as Barkley lies moaning on the bed

Joseph: First time someone points out I'm not a kid, and it has to be her!

Sam: Maybe she likes you

Joseph: Perish the thought. Besides Sam, she's from Canarsie.

Sam: ...ewww....

Captain Boomerang takes aim at Joseph. Deadshot holds him back

Deadshot: Waller wants him alive!

Boomerang: It would stun him

Deadshot: Just be careful, we got enough loose cannons as it is.

Green Lantern places a gag on Harley

Green Lantern: Good, now we all can think a little easier.

Harley: MGHH GHMM!

Deadshot: Wrong move, *fires wrist rocket*

GL puts up a shield but the rocket shatters it. Deadshot preps another shot. Joseph and Sam duck as he fires. Deadshot is promptly shot in the leg.

Deadshot: GAH!!!

Hush: Thanks for the find guys

Joseph: You! You should be dead!

Hush: Because I fell into inky black water?

Joseph: No, because you fell into toxic waste masquerading as water with a hole in your foot.

Hush: Had worse

Flash comes in, clotheslining Captain Boomerang

Flash: What are you, Monty Python's Black Knight?

Hush: Wasn't my intended reference but you got whose the lesser man?

Flash: That would be you.

Hush: Hardly, I have the advantage

Sam: Oh yeah, what makes you think that mummy-breath?!

Hush: You, boy

Hush fires a whipcord from his sleeve and snags up Sam and then holds him at gun point

Joseph: Sam!

Sam: *squirming* Let me go!

Hush: Hush now little boy, or it's the long sleep

Green Lantern: You bastard he's just a kid!

Hush: Tried that line on my father didn't listen carefully, me and little Sam are going to take a trip to Ellis Island. You will follow in one hour and give me the list, once I have the data the boy is yours...try anything funny and the boy that clear?

Joseph is paralyzed with fear

Hush: Is that clear Doctor Kane?

Deadshot:...Hey Hush feeling like joining our team?

Green Lantern: He shot you!

Deadshot: What's a bullet wound between good teammates

Wonder Woman knocks him into a wall. Joseph is silent, paralyzed by fear

Hush: *to Deadshot* Like I'd join a group of jailbirds on the government's leash. *to Joseph* Speechless, Doctor Kane? Stage fright?

Joseph: Sam...

Thwack! Harley knocks Joseph out

Harley: Yay! I won the game! Do I get a prize?

Deadshot: Got the laptop?

Harley: Yeppers

Deadshot: That's your prize. Suicide Squad, fall back!

Hush: Fools, laptop is nothing without the drive...come on Sam

Sam: Joey!

Deadshot fires a rocket into the ceiling, destabilizing it. Flash grabs Barkley to protect him as the roof comes down and the villains escape. Hush takes Sam away, into a stolen cab. The Suicide Squad approaches a nearby helicopter, where Waller waits to be handed the laptop. The JL is trapped in the safehouse with a panicking Barkley and an unconscious Joseph. Joseph slowly comes to.

Joseph: Where am--Sam!

Flash: I'm sorry Joseph

Joseph: They took Sam, they took the laptop, and I'm going to suffocate.....

Flash: They don't have the drive, so there is still a chance

Joseph: Much luck it will do us if we don't get out of here....

Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Aquaman start clearing rubble as best as they can. In Belle Reve, away from prying eyes, Waller watches as her techies attempt to hack through the laptop.

Waller: Hurry it up!

Techie 1: Trying, Director Waller; but the encryption....

Waller: Why didn't you take the doctor?

Deadshot: Hush wasn't part of the equation, we did offer him a job

Waller: Thomas Elliot would be a valuable source yes but we need something to open this computer

Deadshot: Well, if the JL got the doctor out alive, we could find him and the flashdrive. Use him to open up the files for us.

Deathstroke: *off panel* Sounds like you need a professional

Several guards point their guns at him

Waller: Stand down, you wouldn't have a chance.

Deathstroke: It's been a while, Amanda.

Waller: Long time, Slade....HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE!?

Deathstroke: Because I wanted too, because I want the good doctor let's stop playing games huh? Half a million dollars, I get the doctor, his baby brother and his little dog too

Waller: Discount for an old friend?

Deathstroke: Strictly business. I can use that list to...intimidate people into joining one of your two groups.

Waller: ...Well well, you have this all thought out

Deadshot: Urm, you pay us to get him

Waller: And look at your success rate thus far! And I don't pay you at all; your activities take time off your sentences!

Deathstroke: Do we have a deal?

Waller shakes his hand

Waller: Yes.

Deathstroke: Then I'll go get the boys, and the dog

Waller: Excellent.

Deathstroke walks out, with Deadshot giving him a look of contempt.

Deadshot: What is his interest in Kane?

Waller: Who knows? His crazy ex-wife had the last name Kane; maybe he's related.

Deadshot: Doesn't seem likely does it?

Waller: You never know

Continued from
Part III:

The Justice League must hide Joseph and Sam Kane, and their dog Barkley, to protect them and the list containing the secret identities of heroes from all over the world. In the meantime, the JLA begins to rebel against Amanda Waller and Col. Steve Trevor joins forces with Joseph and Sam's grandfather to dig up dirt on Waller to bring about her downfall. Luthor and Hush make an alliance, the Suicide Squad is still hunting, and Deathstroke appears with an offer to an old friend.....

Special thanks to my co-writer in this, :iconlord-of-justice: GO READ HIS STUFF TOO!

The Canarsie joke is more of a Brooklyn bit of humor. While Joseph isn't a snob, New Yorkers have their own opinions about different neighborhood, for good or ill.

Deathstroke and Amanda Waller were part of the black ops group Team 7; a comic detailing the adventures of that group was recently cancelled.

Yes, Slade's ex wife has the last name Kane, this is a coincidence.

The Yiddish word trafe means "not kosher". While Joseph is not the most observant Jew on the planet, he tries to respect a few beliefs: in this case NO PORK.

Catwoman is extra nasty to Hush due to the fact he literally tore her heart out.....

Joseph Kane, Sam Kane, and Barkley belong to me.

Superman, Batman, Justice League et al belongs to DC Comics
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Kouhei-Son Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
Damn! Bruce was willing to BEAT THAT ASS! But I think he got the wrong person. Personally, I would have beat Hush's ass since he tore out Catwoman's heart cause I am a BatXCat fan, but that's just me. Still i got hyped during that beating!
Dkalban Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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so any jobs yet? 
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Got a volunteer position, still looking for a paying job
Kouhei-Son Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
Well hey that's good. Have you still tried DC?
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They'd need to post a job
Kouhei-Son Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
oh. well damn
Dkalban Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
drwho09 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
Excellent job here, descriptive and well plotted. I have read worse professional work than this.
Dkalban Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks :D

:iconlord-of-justice: really helped me with the writing etc. Gotta give him credit.
Clone56 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
Awesome job!:thumbsup:
Dkalban Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, and thank you for the fave!
Clone56 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
No prob.
Offroadgirl Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
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I guess you liked it?
Offroadgirl Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
Dkalban Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
any specific bits?
Offroadgirl Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
Well I like the fact that Deadpool and some my other fav characters are in it.
Dkalban Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Deadpool? Not in here, this is DC.

Deadshot and Deathstroke, yes. Deadpool, nope.
Offroadgirl Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
Srry. typing Error. Deadshot is wat I meant to type.
Dkalban Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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