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Belle Reve Infirmary. Joseph took a bit more than he should have and Deathstroke is showing unusual concern

Deathstroke: I told you it could kill him

Waller: I'm not here to be nice. *to doctor* When will he be ready for...interrogation?

Doctor: Interrogation? Director Waller, he just had a heart attack!

Deathstroke: Perhaps we should attack something that won't kill him physically

Waller: *thinks, to the doctor* Can you drug him, make him lucid enough to reveal the password?

Deathstroke: Of course not, he's a doctor too; he would see that coming

Waller: So what do you suggest, Deathstroke?

Deathstroke: ...Get his little brother

Waller: Oh like it's that--

PA: Director Waller, there's someone at the gate.

Deathstroke: Well well let's see what we've got

In the swampy ground in front of the thick gates to the infamous prison, spotlights shine on two figures in the rain.

'Bounty Hunter': Open up, bagged something you'll like

The gates open, Waller is flanked by several guards.

Waller: What do you want?!

"Bounty Hunter": Better yet, what do you want? *pushes Sam forward in cuffs*

Waller looks Sam up and down

Waller: Where did you find him?

"Bounty Hunter": Quite close actually, he ran off

Sam: Where is Joey?! Where are you keeping him!?

Waller: *to guard* Seize the boy. *to "Bounty Hunter"* How were you aware that we were looking for Joseph Kane's little accomplice? And where was he?

"Bounty Hunter": Around the place, apparently he ran off from the spandex gang and wanted to find his bro, figured you'd want him too if you have the bigger one

Waller: Tempting; you'd need to clear your credentials with our human resources people

"Bounty Hunter": Naturally, also here's a free gift *presents Barkley* Went with the boy evidently

Waller: What use do I have for a wet dog?

"Bounty Hunter": His presence might help make the boy compliant.

Waller: True, and it's always good to have the whole set

Waller: *points to a guard* This guard will take you to HR, please give your credentials there. *To another guard* Bring the boy and his little dog too to the infirmary.

Sam: What are you, the wicked witch of the west?

Waller: Kid, if you don't behave, I'll be worse than her. *to guard* Well, what are you waiting for?

Guards take Sam to the infirmary and the "Bounty Hunter" follows another guard. Waller activates a comm

Waller: Deathstroke, I want you to take a look at this bounty hunter.....

Deathstroke: Why, are we recruiting?

Waller: Things like this don't happen out of the blue. Besides, that kid isn't that rash enough to run away from the Justice League.

Deathstroke: You think it's one of them in disguise?

Waller: Yes, find out who. In the meanwhile, this place is on high alert.

Deathstroke heads down to interview the bounty hunter while Waller heads up to her office. As the "Bounty Hunter" walks down the hall, he sends a message

"Bounty Hunter": (telepathic message) Sam is inside, as am I.

Wonder Woman:  *telepathically* Give us five minutes

The "Bounty Hunter" sees Deathstroke step into the hall

"Bounty Hunter": *telepathically* I may not have that much time....

Green Lantern: *telepathically* Hold on, we'll be right there

Superman: *telepathically* Is Sam linked up with us.

Sam: *telepathically* Yeah.

Nightwing: *telepathically* Notice anything that can help?

Sam: *telepathically* Big courtyard...lots of guns....

"Bounty Hunter": *telepathically* Anything else?

Sam: *telepathically* I saw a computer nexus down the hall....

Bounty Hunter: *telepathically* That's better

Guard: Move it, prisoner!

He shoves Sam forward, knocking him to the ground.

Sam: That wasn't nice!

Guard: Move it, twerp!

They move past the women's cells.


Sam: *eyes widen* What the?

Harley: Oh you're so cute I just want to pinch your little cheeks and--

Guard: Back off, clown!

Harley: Oh you're no fun anymore

Guard: On your feet brat!

He hauls Sam up

Harley: Don't worry sweetie I'll kick him for you, but then I want a cuddle

Sam: Eep

Barkley: *whimper*

The guard pushes Sam along, Barkley following close beside him. Soon they enter the infirmary

Sam: Where's Joey?

The doctor looks down from his desk.

Doctor: What is a boy and a dog doing in here?

Guard: Part of the Kane family

Doctor: His little brother?

Guard: Yes sir.

The doctor sighs

Guard: Wants to see his big brother

Doctor: Had a feeling. *sighs* Brace yourself, kid

Sam: What do you mean?

The doctor pulls aside a curtain to reveal a resting Joseph

Sam: JOEY!!

Doctor: He's resting

Sam: What did you do to him?

Doctor: He is recovering from interrogation.

Sam: *angry* Fancy word for torture

The doctor looks embarrassed as Sam sits next to Joseph

Doctor: You can leave now, Officer.

Guard: Uh uh, Wall's orders; watch the kid.

Doctor: I can do that

Guard: Sorry, but she doesn't trust you

Doctor: Who does she trust?

Guard: In this case, me more than you.

Doctor: Yet I'm on a higher payroll...ironic

Sam just sits next to Joseph as Joseph slowly comes to

Sam: Joey!

Joseph practically bolts up

Joseph: Sam! What are you doing in here?!

Sam: Shush...we came to get you out

Joseph: *whispering* "We?"

Sam has a big smile on his face

Joseph: Oh....

He beckons to Barkley who barks confidently

Joseph: Nice to see that vote of confidence.

Then Sam points out what is on the dog's collar. Joseph takes a closer look. Attached to the dogs collar was a micro E.M.P pulse device...

Joseph: Good boy....

Meanwhile, the "Bounty Hunter" sits in a room as his credentials are checked.

Deathstroke: Well you seem to check out, you've been very thorough but you don't honestly believed that you've fooled me for one minute do you?

"Bounty Hunter": Of course not

Deathstroke simply takes out a lighter and flicks it on. The bounty hunter doesn't even flinch

Deathstroke: So, you're not the Manhunter....

Bounty Hunter: No...I'm worse

The "Bounty Hunter" throws down a smoke pellet and throws a dagger to knock out the lights. As Deathstroke coughs, the "Bounty Hunter" speaks

"Bounty Hunter": *off panel* We thought of using the Manhunter, but we had a feeling you'd expect that. So we went with option number 2.

A pointed eared shadow rises from the smoke

Deathstroke:! used the boy as bait!!

Batman: Oh he volunteered...there is nothing he wouldn't do to save his big brother...*suddenly has Deathstroke by the throat* Very little I wouldn't do either *punches Deathstroke through the wall*

At that instant, the steel doors of Belle Reve come down as Superman and Wonder Woman bash it open, with the rest of the Justice League and Green Arrow behind him.

Superman: That's our signal, move!

Batman walks over Deathstroke's unconscious body and heads to the control grid. Meanwhile Waller is responding to the alert.

Waller: Release the Suicide Squad to help deal with these heroes. And I'm authorizing maximum force!

Guard: What about you, Director Waller. You should--

Waller: Not without that list!

Then all the lights go out, power fails and she hears a voice on the intercom

Batman: *on intercom* You've made a few mistakes, Amanda

Waller: You are trespassing and breaking into a federal prison, Batman...want to face the consequences?

Batman: *on intercom* Do you want to face the consequences of kidnapping, torture, and conspiracy to murder and blackmail?

Waller: Well, you'd need proof of that....

Batman: *on intercom* Well that's currently being mostly handled by friends in Washington and then of course there's the data on your hard drive, the CCTV of you torturing having possession of his laptop

Waller: wouldn't...

Batman: *on intercom* I already have

Waller: Well, I guess then I have to kill you.

A shot is fired behind Batman, who dodges out of the way. He turns, and sees Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark loom behind him

Batman: Waller is why are you still helping her?

Deadshot: We'd be prisoners either way. Besides, killing you is something no one would pass up. You put me in here, Batman; consider it poetic justice.

Batman: ...No, I consider you an idiot *drops smoke pellets*

King Shark charges, but grabs nothing but smoke.

Deadshot: Where's he gone?!

Captain Boomerang: Stop gawping and look!

Deadshot: I call the shots, Digger....

King Shark: Then were is he?

Batman: *off panel* Right under your feet.

Batman leaps out of a grate and tackles King Shark to the ground. Meanwhile, the Justice League and Green Arrow fight guards and machines in the prison courtyard.

Green Arrow: would be a good time to bring in reinforcements!

The Martian Manhunter appears from the ground and tears a robot apart.

Martian Manhunter: They are on their way.

Flash: And where were you?

Martian Manhunter: Scouting

Green Lantern: Is the security down?

A blast knocks him down.

Green Lantern: Guess not

Flash: What is Batman doing in there?

Aquaman: Were you not paying attention? He's weakening as much internal security as he can. Plus dealing with Deathstroke

Flash: Maybe we should give him a hand

A guard fires at Flash, who dodges. Wonder Woman blocks the shots with her bracelets.

Wonder Woman: Worry about us first, Flash. Batman can take care of himself.

Flash: Right gotcha

Flash goes top speed and takes all the guards guns. Superman rips apart a robot guard and throws the pilot to Martian Manhunter, who lowers the pilot to the ground after psychically knocking him out.

Green Lantern: Now let's get serious and kick some real ass

Green Lantern constructs a tank made of light and has it fire at more robotic security measures.

Flash: Glad you're on our side!

Meanwhile, Batman dodged a boomerang thrown by Captain Boomerang. Batman then caught it on its return journey and snapped it in two. Deadshot fired at Batman who dodged out of the way. Deadshot's bullets hit the computer behind where Batman was.

Batman: That's coming out of your paycheck

Deadshot: SHUT UP!!

King Shark groans in pain on the ground.

Batman: Do you think he should pop down to the infirmary

Boomerang: Oh yeah, we'll save Kane some seafood

Batman: So he's there eh?

Deadshot: ...I hate you

Batman drops another pellet which explodes in a cloud of gas.

Captain Boomerang: The wanker TEAR GASSED us!

Batman, wearing a rebreather, runs out. Down at the cell blocks Harley was screaming for aid as well as a few jokes to go with it

Harley Quinn: Somebody help me! I'm hungry! I'm hurt! I'm lonely! And I don't have a single magazine, it's like a sick experiment!!

Nervous Guard: Quiet!

Harley: ...What's wrong sugah?

Nervous Guard: Drills.

Harley: What kind, the scary ones dentists have or the boring ones everyone else has?

Nervous Guard: Never you mind.

Harley: It just strikes me as odd that you'd be so nervous over a drill

Nervous Guard: Be quiet, they'll hear you!

Harley: Who's they?

Nervous Guard: Shut up!

Guard 2: Make her shut up!

Nervous Guard: But...

Guard 2: Open the cell, *brandishes club* I'll deal with her.

Harley: Used to be the opening words to a good night

Guard 2: Shut it, clown!

Harley: You really need to mind your manners *knees him in the groin*

Nervous Guard: Prisoner escaping, prisoner escap---

Harley kisses him to silence him...and then knocks him out with a club.

Harley: Bleh, horrible breathe...still I'm in the market for something better

She starts walking down the hall, loosening her top, etc

Harley: Now which way is the infirmary? *beat, looks up* Oh! I see a sign! Thank you, God!

Harley runs past a sign saying "Infirmary, this way"

Harley: say what you will about Suicide Squad, they can be so helpful

Deathstroke enters the control room

Deathstroke: What happened?

Deadshot: *coughing* Batman.

Deathstroke: Why doesn't that surprise me...What does she pay you for?

Deadshot: We aren't paid at all!

Deathstroke: Oh that's right; you're felons who the government allows to go for walkies when they want you to do something.

Deadshot: Well I don't see you doing any better

Deathstroke: Follow me...Let's see if we can get this right

Captain Boomerang: Where to, mate?

Deathstroke: The infirmary....

When they get there Batman and Nightwing are by Joseph and Sam's side, they take defensive stance when Deathstroke enters.

Deathstroke: Nightwing? Must be desperate to bring you in

Joseph: And yet, Deathstroke, Nightwing has kicked your butt solo more than once....

Deathstroke: Took the precaution of not coming come along boy we're leaving...bring little Sam too

Joseph: What part of "acute heart attack caused by torture" don't you understand, Mister "Uses 90% of his brain"! *turns to Nightwing* Which is based off that stupid "We use 10% of our brain" myth.

Deathstroke: That was Waller, kiddo, we're leaving

Nightwing: What for?

Deathstroke: Oh me and the kids have a lot to talk about...

Suddenly he is knocked down and behind him is Harley with a hammer with a big smile on her face

Harley: See, I can be helpful

Joseph, Sam, Barkley, King Shark and Captain Boomerang's mouths drop in surprise, and she swiftly hammers Shark and Boomerang in similar fashion

Deadshot: Damn it, Harley! What do you think you're doing?

Harley: Experimenting...trying to be a goodie for a how else would I get a cuddle? *smacks Deadshot upside the head*

Batman: Cuddle?

Harley: Yes! *looks at Sam* hello there cutie, wanna hug?

Sam's eyes widen, he looks to Joseph and then to Nightwing

Nightwing: It's okay Sam I'm scared too

Harley: I won't bite

Sam pauses then goes over a little and Harley pulls him in for a hug and starts cooing...Sam hugs back with a smile. Joseph's heart monitor starts beeping faster out of fear. She then lets go of Sam and looks at Joseph, with a flirting smile

Harley: Could give you a hug too if you like

On that he notices her current attire and both he and Nightwing go white as a sheet

Batman: perhaps we should save that until we're out of here

Harley: ...hmmm...okey dokey then, come along

She wanders along expecting them to follow, Sam heightens the tension by turning to Joseph and says innocently

Sam: She's nice isn't she

Nightwing: ...Let's not have this discussion here, in fact let's not have it at all...oh hell let's pretend it never happened

Joseph: Someone sedate me before her freaking me out gives me another heart attack!

Batman: Oh stop that, let's get the hell out of here

Joseph: Well I can't move in a hurry. Waller...she tortured me, shocked me until I was nearly dead.

Batman: Nightwing, get him on your back

Nightwing: Okay *gets Joseph on his back* Geez, what did they do to you man?

Joseph: Shockings, beatings, threatened to waterboard me.

Nightwing: Geez.

Joseph: Oh, and Nightwing?

Nightwing: Yeah.

Joseph: carrying me...IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Nightwing: *serious* You got it, man

Joseph: You hear me Sam it never happened

Sam: Okay Joey

Batman: Move, before there are any reinforcements....

Harley: *off panel* Come on boys, I know a short cut

Nightwing: And Harley is helping us...this is a surreal scenario not even scarecrow could imagine

Joseph: I just want Waller arrested and personally kick her in the face!

Harley: Oooh, I like your style...maybe I could whack her upside the head

Joseph: And then hit her in the stomach!

Harley: Yeah and maybe knock her legs out so she can't escape

Joseph: And break her arm!

Harley: Why not both?

Sam: Yeah, leave no stone unturned!

Joseph opens his mouth, closes it again.

Nightwing: Awkward?

Joseph: Yep.

Harley: I thought it was sweet, we were all bonding

Batman: Just get on with it

Harley: *whispers to Joseph* Do I have to ask his permission to date you or do we just do it

Nightwing: Oh for God's sake

Suddenly Waller appears with her goons

Harley: hey! I'm busy here!!

Waller: End of the line.

Harley: Oh yeah it a bad time to say that I quit

Waller: Be glad there isn't a bomb in your neck for me to blow up.

Joseph: Oh that's just cow

Waller: Aww, you'd two would make a lovely couple...tell you what give me the list now and you can share a cell

Before either Joseph or Harley can retort Nightwing yells quite definitely

Nightwing: NO! *drops Joseph off his back* I think I've had just about enough of this, and you Waller! You hurt an innocent man and persecute him for your own selfish are going down

The wall behind Waller explodes at that stage, enter Luthor and Hush

The now triumphant JL, Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow hear the explosion

Green Lantern: What was that?

Superman: Luthor....

In the hallway, Joseph sits up against a wall

Joseph: And what little dignity I have goes poof.

Waller: Luthor, Elliot?! What the hell are you doing here?!

Hush: Busting out was easy, and of course Lex had the tech and the know how for getting us where is the list?

Joseph: ...The dog ate it

Harley:...hahahahahahahahahahahah *beat* oh I'm sorry you're serious *looks at Barkley* poor sweetie

Waller: ...The all superhero identities...IS IN A DOG'S STOMACH?!

Joseph: And it's going to stay that way!

Barkley looks up at him with big eyes and a painful expression. And a whimper

Joseph: Depending or not it stays in his digestive tract for the next few hours.

Hush: ...Lex...let's pop his stomach

Harley: You can't hurt the doggy!! He's sweet

Barkley: ...woof <she's nice>

Luthor: I agree Dr. Eliot, let's get's the file out of him

Lex knocks Harley aside and picks up the scared pooch and Hush takes out a knife

Hush: This will hurt...for a short while.

Barkley, in his fear, urinates. This sprays Lex and Hush who react accordingly.

Luthor: Damn dog!

Hush: You sonova....

Lex drops Barkley, who dashes off.

Waller: Get that dog!

Batman throws a smoke pellet and they take off, Nightwing picked up Joseph again and Harley following right behind

Sam: Wait for me!

Barkley runs down the hallways, yapping. Waller and her guards soon corner Barkley in a dark hallway. He turns and growls.

Barkley: Grrrr

Waller: Here, puppy.

Steve Trevor steps out of the dark

Trevor: It's over, Amanda.

Waller: Well well, I can say I am surprised...but a little dissapointed

Trevor holds out papers

Waller: What are those?

Trevor: Subpoenas from the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, the House and Senate National Security Committees, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the President himself. For you. You're charged with a lot of crimes, Amanda; false charges against a citizen, kidnapping, extortion, torture.....

Waller: Give me the dog, Trevor.

Trevor: He, and his owners, are now protected by the United States government, which offers their apologies and demands your reporting to Washington. And that includes his stomach contents, even when they leave his body.

Waller: Really...then answer this *Luthor and Hush barge through* who protects you from them

Trevor grins.

Trevor: Them.

Lights come on, revealing the JL joined with most of the JLA (minus the other Green Lantern). The dog uses this to leg it and hides behind Batman

Batman: I do believe you're outnumbered

Waller glares at Trevor.

Hush: ...Luthor...I believe this is the moment we kill everyone

Luthor: Would seem logical wouldn't it

Deathstroke bursts in with Deadshot, Shark and Boomerang

Deathstroke: Hello everyone, did you miss me?

Joseph looks up from the temporary med station the JLA has set up.

Joseph: Oh not you again! *to Martian Manhunter* How did you get this all set up?

Martian Manhunter: The various Justice League members have been in mental contact this whole time. Your brother as well.

Joseph: And you couldn't let me join the chat room?

Batman: Place has terrible wi-fi

Joseph: It's not wi-....

Batman's glare shuts him up.

Batman: Since negotiations are going to be pointless...I suggest we focus efforts...and knock them all down

Superman: ...Good plan

Superman steps forward. He turns to Trevor

Superman: Might want to hold onto those papers.

Superman faces his opponents and claps his hands hard. The resulting shockwave sends them backwards into walls. Luthor fires a green k laser directly at Superman's chest knocking him down

Wonder Woman: No!

Trevor: JLA, detain them!

The JLA charges

Batman: May we join?

Trevor: Gladly

The JL joins
Catwoman: Dibs on the mummy

Batman: Catwoman

Catwoman: We could share

Batman: Gnn

Waller turns to her guards

Waller: Don't just stand there....

Guard: But we're under....


The guards obey and try to pick the best targets, Catwoman and Batman engage Hush who has drawn both guns. Luthor faces Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash. Deathstroke, with Deadshot, Shark and Boomerang go against Arrow, Manhunter and Katana. Hawkman, Stargirl, and Vibe and Harley (who seems to have defected for the strangest of reasons...still better Joseph than the Joker) fight the guards. Aquaman and Trevor help Superman up. Meanwhile Waller stalks towards Joseph, who is itching for this showdown.

Waller: You caused me a lot of trouble, Kane.

Joseph: Me? You're the one who falsely accused me, sent your goon squad after me, and tortured me.

Waller: Nothing personal...well maybe a little

Joseph: Oh trust me, it's very personal....

Waller: You could have just given me the list

Joseph: And send metahumans and crimefighters into your clutches? Send them into slavery? Never!

Waller: Hardly slavery, merely asserted patriotism

Joseph: Patriotism doesn't come from being forced to be; Patriotism is supporting your country, for good or bad, working for the betterment of all. Not from being a cog of a jingoistic machine. Enforced patriotism is akin to fascism.

Waller: I protect this country, who's to say they all won't go rogue.. I believe some of them already have

As the battle rages around them, Waller and Joseph stare each other down.

Joseph: We can deal with them. No one deserves to be a slave. This list was made to protect; you would make it into an instrument of pain.

Waller: Then you're a fool Kane

Joseph: No, just someone who actually believes in the ideals of Liberty, Freedom, Democracy, and Liberalism; the founding principles of the United States.

Waller: Pathetic, you're an idealist.

Joseph: *smirking* Without dreams, great things don't happen

Waller: Time for you to wake up.

She points a gun at Joseph. He merely sighs and suddenly throws a bunch of smoke bombs at her.

Joseph: *narrating* Thanks Batman.

He then takes his IV pole and hits her with it, whacking her across the head. She grabs his pole and tazers it. Joseph goes down, wincing in pain. Sam pushes Joseph's now empty gurney into Waller.

Sam: That's for hurting my big brother!

Barkley in the meanwhile dashes off into the greater conflict. While Waller and Joseph struggle, Barkley dashes through the conflict. Heroes fight villains and Waller's guards in a brutal conflict. Batman and Catwoman are being matched by Hush. Superman and Hawkman take on Lex. Nightwing fights Deathstroke while Wonder Woman and the other JL members take on the Suicide Squad. The JLA take on the guards, doing their best not to kill them. Harley goes from position to position, causing chaos. Barkley first dashes to a pillar where Batman and Catwoman are squaring off against Hush

Hush: Oh this is sweet. double the revenge and the sweet reward of knowledge...

Batman:*narrating* He is good

Hush: *narrating* He is good

Both: *narrating* But I am better

Batman:*narrating* Here we have the feint shot, to split me and Selina apart to attempt to pick us off individually, counter with batarangs and she releases the caltrop

Hush: *narrating* An obvious counter measure, but I'm not interested in the slut, Bruce...

Hush takes the caltrop but counter launches it at Batman, however Catwoman whips it away

Hush: *narrating* Cats are not known for loyalty but sentiment...a chemical defect found in the losing side

Catwoman rushes him, landing a blow on his chest

Batman: *narrating* He will no doubt go to shoot draw me in

Hush: *narrating* You just can't resist can you, Bruce

Hush draws his gun and aims

Hush: *narrating* You have to be the hero....

Batman: *narrating* But he doesn't know...time he learned

Batman launches himself, blocks the gun but takes Hush's knife to the gut

Hush: So predictable...even in the I could still beat you at chess

Batman: ...marshall...swindle...

Hush's eyes grow wide.

Batman: He sacrificed his queen, to get ahead and win...*smirks smally at catwoman* admitted the sexes are reversed in this case

Hush sees the electro-batarang pressed to his neck

Batman: But the principle still applies

Hush: ...Heh, nah, you talk big *twists his knife* but you'd feel it too

Batman: ...I have imagined every possible way I could be hurt...every bone in my body has been broken during my career, even my back...and I survived...logistically...I can take more than you...Tommy

Hush: *now he's afraid* ah...oh...heh, *whispers* come on Bruce, let's not be hasty...we can make a deal...I take the list...I wipe you off it, Robin, Nightwing...all of your the list, safe and sound...please...*scared* YOU WOULDN'T DARE!!

Batman: ...of course I would

Catwoman: *smirks* He's Batman you moron!

Batman electrocutes Hush via his neck, and takes the pain through the blade. Both fall to the ground, but after a few hesitant moments, Barkley pokes his head out to lick Batman awake.

Catwoman: *picks him up* You okay?

Batman vomits blood as Barkley looks disgusted

Catwoman: As far as your ideas go...that one was pretty stupid

Batman: It worked didn't it?

Catwoman: know you could always recuperate round my place

Batman: ...We're doing this now?

Catwoman: Got to strike while the iron is hot...or in this case still static-y

As Batman and Catwoman look at each other, Barkley rolls his eyes and heads over to where the JLA is fighting Waller's guards. He pauses to let a guard, put off balance by Vibe's powers, to trip over him.

Green Arrow delivers non violent arrows into the shoulders of another guard.

Arrow: Stargirl; take the right, Hawkman, take the left.

Stargirl: *blasting* On it!

Hawkman just creates a swathe of destruction with his mace. Vibe aids him by shaking up the ground. Katana and Trevor take on a guard in a power suit.

Guard: Like you non-metas will make a dent.

Katana makes a quick bunch of cuts to the armor as Trevor lays down suppressive fire. Soon the armors comes off and Trevor punches the guard in the face.

Trevor: We manage.

The Martian Manhunter extends his arm and knocks a whole column into a wall.

Manhunter: I'd give up if I were you.

Barkley trots off to where the Justice League (sans Superman and Wonder Woman) and Harley faces off against the Suicide Squad. Nightwing is close by, fighting Deathstroke. Suddenly, Barkley senses his master is in danger. He turns and watches as Joseph and Waller exchange blows

Waller: You really are trying to beat me, Kane? I was kicking Green Beret ass before you were out of diapers!

Joseph: That's because you outweighed them.

Waller is enraged by that low blow low blow, she punches Joseph down and starts choking him, then to everyone's surprise Deathstroke holds a blade to her throat

Deathstroke: That's far enough

Waller keeps choking Joseph. Sam tries to push her off.


Deathstroke steadies his blade

Deathstroke: Drop him and I drop you

Waller: ...*stops* What are you doing Slade?

Meanwhile the Suicide Squad is still fighting when they notice it.

Boomerang: What is that sheila Waller doing?

POW! Harley slams him with her mallet

Harley: She's hurting my baby!

Boomerang: You traitorous bitch!

Harley: Curse my sudden, yet inevitable, betrayal!

Wonder Woman: *punching out King Shark* Sister, that is all kinds of wrong!

Green Lantern slams Deadshot into a wall as Flash punches out Boomerang. In the background, Superman and Aquaman fight Lex. Nightwing rushes over to the standoff between Waller and Slade

Waller picks up Sam and throws him. Barkley yelps in fear from a distance; but Sam is luckily caught by Nightwing, who steps in front of Deathstroke to do so.

Deathstroke: The Kanes are mine Waller

Nightwing: LIKE HELL

He snaps Deathstroke's wrist, feints him with a shot for his head and knees him in the groin before pounding his skull, knocking the merc out. Joseph uses this time to punch Waller in the gut.

Joseph: Touch my brother again, and I'll kill you....

Suddenly Lex sees Barkley, rockets over to him and grabs him.

Barkley: YIP!

Harley: Not the doggy!!

Luthor: This list has given me more trouble than it's worth! *to Barkley* And now, furball, you will give me the list.

Barkley looks terrified. But then, he grins. He squirms in Lex's hands.

Luthor: Stop that. *grabs Barkley's collar* Stop...

Barkley: WOOF!

Lex's hand closes on the EMP mini-grenade, setting it off. Lex's suit statics up before going completely off line whilst Barkley's fur stands up on end. Barkley manages to spring away before Lex buckles. Superman rushes in and slams Lex into a wall as Barkley lands. The now VERY puffy Old English Sheepdog shakes himself up, and then suddenly looks panicked. He rushes off.

Waller: ...Who puts an E.M.P in a dog's collar?

Joseph: Someone who knows where you'd look *punches her in the gut*

Superman begins tearing off Lex's suit

Luthor: What the hell do you think you're doing, you freak!

Superman: Looks like you've gone all to pieces

Lex: Oh just knock me out already

Superman merely flicks Lex, knocking him out. Batman comes and cuffs Lex. Trevor turns to the guards.

Trevor: By the power vested in me by the President, I order you to return ALL prisoners to their cells and then report to the barracks until further notice.

Waller pulls a gun on Joseph

Trevor: Amanda stop's over

Waller: Not until I get the then, where's the dog

A whack is heard and Waller falls to the floor, Harley is behind her holding a mallet

Harley: Dunno but I think you're a real bitch

Joseph laughs at that before remembering himself...looks shyly to Harley and offers a hand to shake, she however grabs him by the scruff and kisses him full on disturbing virtually everyone who sees it

Catwoman: Awww isn't that sweet

A guard promptly takes Harley off him and starts taking her back to her cell, she smiles dreamily and waves at Joseph as she's being taken off

Harley: Call me

Nightwing and Sam instantly go to Joseph whose shaking like mad

Joseph: ...Nightwing...I'm scared

Nightwing: ...It's okay, so am I...where's the dog

They all turn and see the dog looking slightly ashamed and embarrassed next to his dropped cargo. Several members recoil in minor disgust and Barkley hangs his head

Flash: ...The flashdrive is out of him now right? Whose gonna get it *all turn to him*...oh crap

Green Lantern: *patting Flash on the shoulder* You're up, CSI guy.....

Barkley trots over to Sam who pets him. As Sam pets Barkley, his hair goes staticy.

Sam: Must be happy that's out of you....

Superman: We should get Joseph to a hospital....

Nightwing: What about Deathstroke...?

They turn, and see the merc is gone.

Batman: Right now, let's get Joseph to a hospital and the list to the Watchtower....

A few days later, Joseph is resting up in Gotham General, watching the news

Announcer: In Washington, today, Amanda Waller, former head of ARGUS, had her hearing before Congress. She is charged with numerous crimes including kidnapping, working with super-villains, and human rights violations. Earlier, Republican and Democratic lawmakers argued whether the government's Task Force X, a black ops group comprised of imprisoned super-villains, should be investigated. The Democrats won the debate, and thus her hearing will include that....

Joseph turns it off, we see Dick is visiting him.

Joseph: Justice is sweet

Dick: Would be better without the wounds huh?

Joseph: Or the fact I suffered a heart attack before I was 20....

Dick: You kept saying that was going to happen when we were kids.

Joseph: Yeah, from overwork or my body trying to kill me. Not from being turned into a human Tesla coil.

Dick: At least we kept the list

Joseph: Cyborg uploaded it to the server yet?

Dick: Believe so, data is locked away in the watchtower and any other copy has been destroyed

Joseph: Good. *coughs*

Sam and Barkley walks and waddles in respectively

Sam: How are you feeling?

Joseph: Wishing I was out of this damn hospital! *beat* How did you get Barkley in here?

Sam: Apparently they think he's a guide dog

Dick: That's rich

Joseph: And why did they think that?

Damian: *off panel* Apparently only blind people wear shades indoors

Damian walks in, wearing shades and being aloof.

Joseph: And where were you when your brother and father were protecting me, Sam and Barkley from being killed?

Damien: Doing rounds with the Falcones...apparently I'm not a 'big boy' yet

Joseph: Oh poor little you....

Damien: You have my sympathies Joseph of course...I commend you for your fortitude...not only enduring torture but...Miss Quinzel's affections

Joseph immediately glares at Dick.

Dick in turn glares at Sam

Sam: ...He beat it out of me

Damien: I did no such thing...although I must say who needs an equine when we have Dick Grayson

Dick: What?!

Joseph: What do you mean and what did you do to my brother?

Damian: Nothing at fact he was keen to tell

Sam: You said you'd keep it a secret

Damian: Pot kettle black

Dick: Black and blue when I get a hold of you

Joseph: Get in line!

Damian: You can't get out of bed

Dick: I am under no such restriction!

Joseph: Sic em Dick!!

Dick grabs Damian and puts him in a headlock.

Dick: You deserve this....

He starts noogeying Damian

Damian: Cease this, Grayson!

Sam, chuckling, and Barkley climb onto Joseph's bed.

Joseph: *strokes Barkley* Hope you've learned a lesson here...don't think with your stomach

Barkley merely nuzzles his master.

Meanwhile aboard the watchtower Batman and Superman are overseeing the data storage

Superman: This was a close call

Batman: We've dealt with worse

Superman: Are you sure we have the only copy?

Batman: Destroyed the file on the flash drive after uploading it, removed it from Joseph's laptop, and wiped it from the Batcomputer.

Superman:'re seriously concerned about this

Batman: With a sensitive matter such as this, I want absolute assurance

Superman: ...You really trusted Joseph will all this

Batman: If things were different I still would, but this was too much for one person...superhero or not

Superman: So, what are you going to do about him, and the list?

Batman: The list will remain here...Joseph will continue in my employ

Superman: ...He's a good kid

Batman: No...he's not a child anymore

Superman: Think he's ready?

Batman: Almost.

Batman leaves. Superman watches as Cyborg finishes the data transfer and then looks at the last remnant, the flashdrive. He holds it in his hand, this little gadget could have been the end, could have started a war...and then he burns it with his heatvision

Superman: No more...

The End
The four part saga comes to a close. Will the Justice League and their allies be able to save Joseph and keep the list out of enemy hands? Or will Waller, Luthor or Hush be triumphant? And will Joseph be traumatized by his new...stalker....

Special thanks to :iconlord-of-justice: for being my co-writer for this AND for writing the awesome Batman vs Hush scene here.

Keep an eye out for a Firefly reference.

Joseph and Sam Kane, and Barkley, belong to me
Batman, Justice League, et al belong to DC Comics
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