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November 26, 2012
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Ronin has been captured by Riddler and put into an elaborate deathtrap.

Ronin: (narrating) Okay, this isn't so bad; Batman put me into worse scenarios during training (I wish I was kidding). Looks like Nygma is overconfidant; I can pick these locks easily.

A lockpick extends from Ronin's gauntlet and he begins picking the lock.

Riddler: Riddle me this, New Guy....

Ronin: Oh can you not say that?

Riddler: What?

Ronin: The whole "Riddle Me This" thing; it's old, it's stale.

Riddler: It's classic.

Ronin: No, Roman statuary is classic, Sondheim is classic, the Louvre is classic. You're just in a rut!

Riddler: *angry* Shut up.

Ronin: Hey, I'm in your death trap, might as well amuse myself.

Riddler: Why don't you fulfill the purpose of the trap, AND JUST DIE!?

Ronin: (narrating) Oh I've been wanting to say this for a long time! (speaking) Didn't anyone tell you? There's one thing you NEVER put into a trap. If you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans of being a free man tomorrow, there's one thing you never, ever, put in a trap.

Riddler: And what's that?

Ronin: *smirking* Me.

Ronin frees himself in time and starts heading towards Riddler. Batman and Robin crash through the ceiling and land behind Riddler

Ronin: What kept you?

Batman: You seem to be enjoying yourself.

Riddler: Oh hell....


Ronin and Nightwing are fighting Bane

Bane: Stand still!

Ronin: Now why would we do that?

Nightwing: Its like he wants us to let him win.

Ronin: Guess all that Venom turned that polymath into a clod

Bane: I will show you who is the clod.

Nightwing: (hitting Bane's head with eskrima sticks) Oh quit you're whining.

Ronin: (kick to Bane's gut)You should have been more aware of your surroundings.

Nightwing: Look at you, taking Batman's lessons to heart.

Ronin: Well, it was your idea (dodging a fist) to bring him to a blind alley, (dodges) so he can't move easily. (dodges) It was mine to blind him with a flash grenade.

POW! Bane's fist hits Ronin and he goes flying through a wall.

Ronin: (narrating) Ow. Well, guess it's power time.

Bane grabs Nightwing and begins squeezing.

Bane: I broke the Bat; what makes you think you and your little friend could beat me, Nightwing?

Nightwing: Let's just say we're full of surprises.

Ronin: (off panel) Like so!

Ronin punches Bane through a wall. He helps Nightwing up.

Nightwing: You okay?

Ronin: Couple busted ribs, I'll be fine.

Bane charges at them. Nightwing flips over Bane while Ronin attempts to hold off Bane as long as his powers are working. Nightwing attacks Bane from behind to keep him off guard.

Ronin: Nightwing, his knees!

Nightwing gives two blows to Bane's knees.

Ronin: TIMBER!!!!

Ronin dodges out of the way just in time to have Bane fall to the ground.

Nightwing: Nice thinking, what made you think of that?

Ronin: Did some medical calculations; not even a Venom boosted skeleton can keep up that mass for long.



Ronin is teamed up with Robin to find Clayface

Ronin: Not my fault you couldn't keep track of him

Robin: >TT<, shut it.

Ronin: Just saying; you can admit failure.

Robin: I do not fail.

Ronin: I got casefiles that say otherwise.

Robin: Shh...hear that?

Ronin: (observing) Sounds like...mud.

Clayface looms into view, Robin blitzes at him.

Ronin: Robin, wait! (narrating) I'm supposed to be the noobie for crying out loud!

Robin is fighting Clayface, using his birdarangs to cut at him

Clayface: Doesn't hurt, little bird. Didn't you make this mistake last night.


Clayface: When this is over, you'll be among the shit in the sewers.

Clayface begins pouring himself onto Robin, trying to suffocate him. He's suddenly shocked by a taser by Ronin. While he's screaming in pain; Ronin throws a pellet in his mouth that begins freezing Clayface. Robin gets out from under Clayface as Clayface freezes. Ronin tosses a beacon onto Clayface.

Ronin: There, ready for pickup.

Robin: You didn't need to help.

Ronin: This was my assignment too, Robin; what's going on with you?

Robin: Ever since you became a hero again; it's like you're the golden boy and I'm being ignored.

Ronin: (laughing) Ignored? Kid, you're Robin; you're the one with street cred, I'm the noobie! (puts his hand on Robin's shoulder) You don't need to prove yourself to him, or me. Now, let's get out of this literally stinking sewer and find some numbskulls to kick.

Robin: After you.

Ronin and Robin leave, not seeing the observing shadow by the frozen Clayface.
Trying to break my writer's block by writing a few vignettes to keep me occupied. Here, Ronin takes on different members of Gotham's worse


I. Inspired a bit by a Doctor Who quote that I reference here (and I had to tweak it a small bit to fit Ronin's character). Plus inspired by my RPs with :iconirishimo: where he'd be Riddler and I'd be Ronin

II. Just wanted Ronin and Nightwing to kick butt; and I just wanted them to cut Bane to size.

III. Continues on from [link] and deals with what could be Damian's reaction to having a new ally

All of these take place pre-Deathstroke Arc

Ronin/Joseph Kane belongs to me

Batman and et al belong to DC Comics
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irishimo Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Dkalban Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Kouhei-Son Nov 26, 2012
robin is feeling ignored? wow never thought that would happen. nice work
Dkalban Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Damian, as Dick would say, "practically bleeds for attention" and acceptance

There are probably some behind the scenes reasons (angry that Bruce spent all this time training Joseph (ignoring all the time he spends alongside Robin/training Robin), that Dick is training Sam (yet Dick trained Damian and Damian was training Sam first), etc), plus he probably thinks Joseph is getting some good missions as a noobie. And solo too.

Thanks, and thanks for the fave!
Kouhei-Son Nov 27, 2012
your welcome. damian is lucky though since his father is Batman.
Dkalban Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Shadic592 Nov 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This is a pretty good story + it's add with some british from doctor who
Dkalban Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks :D

I just wanted to take a break from stories/scenes and just let loose with small scenes :)
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